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On the radio with Glenn Kirby

On the radio with Glenn Kirby

with Bill Gallagher

Thanks for visiting my page and hopefully listening to my podcast.  Being a hope inspector and owning a home inspection caompany here is Charlotte NC for 20 + years I have met a bunch of realtors.  Some are super successful.  I started to wonder what those successful agents had in common.  I thought I would start a conversation with all those agents and vendors to find out.  Those conversations turned into a podcast for others to hear as I realized others also wanted to know what makes those agents successful.  Join us as we hear some successes and some mistakes by top agents and vendors, many of whom are my friends and pictured below.

on the radio with Betsy King

HIC Manager Chip Sprague with Carol Grochamal and Joe Clorite

with Michael Maher and Meg Sandlin

with Margie Bell