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The Successful Real Estate Brokers Podcast Episode 34 Repair to Close

Repair to Close Podcast

Ok so you had the home inspection, Now what?  The inspector found some problems on different systems in the house including plumbing, electrical and structural.   Do you have to to get three different experts out there to give you estimates?   You might think well why can’t the home inspector give me estimates. Actually it’s against the law in NC for a home inspector to solicit repairs on a property he/she inspected.  You can see why as this is an obvious conflict of interest.  You want a non biased 3rd party inspecting your home.  Its impossible for someone to give an estimate on someone elses work as well.  So there is a delima.  This is where Repair to Close comes in.  They give you free repair estimates on the repairs needed no matter what system of the house.  The agent and buyer can now use these estimates in their negotiations or have the repairs made.  Listen to our latest podcast with Repair to Close to find out more.